I'm a Creative Technologist
living in Upstate NY.

I collaborate with designers, studios, and agencies to create resilient systems that are as beautiful and minimal on the inside as they are on the outside.


A new face for the world leader in crowdsourced cybersecurity, this corporate site was built to tell the story of Synack and showcase the brand in a beautiful way.

In collaboration with: TM

S28 Capital

A lively and animated portfolio that tells the story of this contemporary VC firm. The site features creative photography overlays and custom branded animations throughout.

In collaboration with: Human Foundry

Decatur Dan

A portfolio as impressive as the photographer/director it showcases, this site allows the user to drag/resize all elements on the page and remix the work into their own layout.

In collaboration with: Where It's Greater

Sorry to Bother You

A bold new film by Annapurna Pictures, directed by Boots Riley. The site features playful motion as well as a bright and ever-changing color palette.

In collaboration with: Public Library

January AI

An elegant and forward-thinking approach for this innovative new health company. Featuring branded motions and a location tracker that displays your local time and weather conditions.

In collaboration with: Some Days

Where It's Greater - Capabilities

A tool for the powerhouse creative agency to showcase their amazing work. The project allows the Where It's Greater team to create an unlimited number of slideshow-style presentations from the backend of their website. Each presentation features smooth motion, adaptive layouts, and flexible options for showcasing images and video.