I'm a Creative Technologist
living in Upstate NY.

I collaborate with designers, studios, and agencies to create resilient systems that are as beautiful and minimal on the inside as they are on the outside.

Sorry to Bother You

A bold new film by Annapurna Pictures, directed by Boots Riley. The site features playful motion as well as a bright and ever-changing color palette.


An elegant and forward-thinking approach for this innovative new health company. Featuring branded motions and a location tracker that displays your local time and weather conditions.

Where It's Greater - Capabilities

A tool for the powerhouse creative agency to showcase their amazing work. The project allows the Where It's Greater team to create an unlimited number of slideshow-style presentations from the backend of their website. Each presentation features smooth motion, adaptive layouts, and flexible options for showcasing images and video.

Normal Objects

Normal Objects was looking to push the boundaries when building the platform to sell their high end basics. The site features a integrated editorial style, unique product showcases, and an integrated WordPress/Shopify experience.